Spondi’s location is in the vicinity of the historical Panathenian Marble Stadium of Athens, built in 1896 for the 1st Olympic Games of modern times, and very close to the Acropolis.

Here, in an oasis of tranquility and French Gastronomy, you can relax and enjoy our chef’s exquisite food.

You can share this unique experience with your loved ones or use as the perfect setting for a business dinner.

Spondi Restaurant

Pyrronos 5, Pagrati,
11636, Athens, Greece
Tel : +30 2107 564 021
Fax : +30 2107 567 021
E-Mail: info@spondi.gr

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Spondi Restaurant
Pyrronos 5, 11636, Pagrati, Athens, Greece
Tel/Fax: +30 2107 564 021. E-Mail: info@spondi.gr

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